My Background

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, spent several years in New York City (and was the most un-hip Williamsburg resident), like country music and indie rock equally, was a state championship public speaker in college, have an actual and legitimate fear of windmills, subscribe to design magazines even though I have absolutely no graphic design skills, have ridden atop a pace car before the Indianapolis 500 in a sash and tiara, and may or may not have been the youngest person ever featured on Antiques Roadshow. I am borderline obsessed with Fitzgerald and would adore going back to Jazz Age Paris if Elon Musk ever gets around to rolling out time travel. I'm a foster and adoptive mother, frequent volunteer, spend far too much money at the bookstore, and am still somewhat traumatized by the time in fifth grade I was unwillingly cast as Anne Frank, since I was the only one with Jewish roots at the Catholic school. I am fearlessly ambitious, a frustrated writer, and a terrible runner. I am so klutzy that I once broke both my foot and my arm in separate incidents in the same month. 

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