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I was born and raised in Indianapolis, spent several years in New York City, have an actual and legitimate fear of windmills, and will defend the Oxford comma until my last breath. I may or may not have been the youngest person ever featured on Antiques Roadshow and would adore going back to Jazz Age Paris. I am so klutzy that I once broke both my foot and my arm in separate incidents in the same month and despite this – or perhaps because of this -- I’m known for my athletic hubris.

I’m a humanitarian; the world is not changed by our opinions of it, but by our actions. I'm a foster and adoptive mother, intake line volunteer and host family with Safe Families, volunteer teacher at the Heritage Trail Correctional Facility, and I operate two “little free pantries” on the north and south sides of Indianapolis. (More on that @CentralGeneralStore on Instagram.)

The greatest accomplishment I will ever achieve is being mom to the most wonderful kid in the world, my best friend and son, Jack.

About Me: About Me
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